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About MLKK

MLKK was founded by four devoted architects and friends, who met each other as fellows in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Hong Kong.

The Studio considers our works as successions of design and research collections. In each collection, our research revolves around distinct critical values in architectural discourse and its connection with spatial and material design. The studio cares very much for our collaboration with various individuals, through whom the resulted synergy infuses inspiration and challenges into the studio’s work of architecture, interior design and research. This ideology is well expressed by our Chinese name – “和 (woh)”, an everyday word in complex nature. It means collaborate (conj.), mindful (adj.), peace (n.), and balance (n.), through which could transcend architectural design and research to a meaningful device contributing to the world.

The studio’s built works can be found in Asia, Australia, and the United States. The studio is currently working on projects in France, Myanmar, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and United States.

Our Team and Collaborators

Build A Music School
ICE Caring Engineering

About B.A.M.S.

B.A.M.S. (Build A Music School) is a non-profit, charitable project, aiming to partner with local Burmese community to build the first music school in Keng Tung. Nurturing the teenagers and young adults (especially the kids from OASIS Orphanage House) through music training, BAMS helps them to pursuit their dreams and offers them one more option in their future.